Social Media Myths Busted: Your Business Needs to be on ALL the Social Platforms

April 18, 2017

We all know how powerful social media marketing is for business, when it’s done right. However, many business owners fall for common social media myths that can hurt rather than help the bottom line. There are lots of social media myths out there that need to be addressed so business owners know what’s right and what’s wrong about their social media marketing for business.


Social Media Myth Busted: Your Business Needs to be on All Social Media Platforms


The first social media myth worth busting is the fact that businesses often believe that they need to be on every social media platform in order to launch a successful social media marketing strategy. The truth is not every platform is worth your time, and spreading yourself too thin will only hurt performance on the social platforms with the most potential for your business.  As Social Media Today reports, “you’ll be wasting your time using a social media platform if your ideal clients aren't using it.” Spending this time on platforms without your ideal audience can hinder how effectively you can manage your other social media platforms. This rings true with new social media platforms as well. Remember, your business doesn't need to be an early adopter of every new social platform, especially if those platforms will never see the light of success that Facebook or Instagram has achieved for example.


The fact is, not every business needs to be on every platform. While some platforms are clearly better than others due to the sheer number of people on them, it is important to know which social platforms are worth more of your business’s time. It is worth the time and effort needed to figure out where your ideal audience is interacting with each other online. Whether you are just starting a social media for business strategy or running a comprehensive social media marketing campaign, remember that not every social media platform is worth your business’s time.


Contact The Refined Agency to learn more about social media for business and let us help you determine which social media platforms are best for your business.


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