Social Media Myths Busted: Photos Taken From an iPhone are as Good as Professional Photos

May 18, 2017

We all like to act like professional photographers these days. Because we have a camera in the form of a phone in our pocket, it’s easy to start thinking our pictures can be as good as the professionals. However, the truth is we are not all professional photographers. And the pictures taken with our iPhone won’t give our marketing a boost the way pictures from the professionals will. Here are a few reason why:


Why Professional Photos are Better for Social Media Marketing

There is a difference between amateur photography and professional photography

Professional photographers aren't showing up to photo-shoots with smartphones. They have the education (and technology) to know what constitutes a good photo, while amateur photographers are left playing a guessing game. For example, do you know the rule of thirds? The importance of lighting and camera angles? The fact that there is such a thing as overfiltering a photo? Professional photographers come with this knowledge in hand, and it pays off in the quality of their photos.   


Professional images attract more attention

A study done by the National Press Photographers Association concluded that people can tell the difference between professional photographs and amateur ones. This study found that professional images were twice as appealing as amateur ones, and they attracted more attention for longer - making them more memorable.


Why do most people make the mistake of sticking with their camera phones when there is a better way? Hiring a professional marketing company that specializes in photography and videography isn't free. But making the investment in higher quality images and social posts will pay off when your images and videos start attracting more attention than you ever thought possible.


Considering the fact that visuals and video are the future of social media marketing, using a camera phone to capture one of the most important parts of your social media marketing campaign is risky to say the least. Telling your office manager to grab her phone and take a bunch of pictures/video of the office or latest product is like giving the “busboy the keys to the kitchen.” Although the office manager will do her best, the angles will likely be off and the video will definitely be shaky and unfocused at times.


Remember this, just like curb appeal is important to marketing a house, web appeal is important to marketing your business. People will notice that your brand took that extra step to create quality images, and it will pay off with more attention and engagement. If you want to make the investment in professional photography and videography for your social media marketing, contact The Refined Agency to learn more about how we can help improve your web appeal.


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