What Will Social Media Look Like in Ten Years?

May 30, 2017

With social media and online communication evolving so quickly, many are left wondering what the future of social media looks like. Will it be the same in 10 years? Will social media marketing still be essential for your business? The following are a few thoughts on the potential future of social media and social media marketing for business.

The Future of Social Media


More People Online

While people may argue about what social media will look like in 10 years, no one denies that there will be a lot more people. Mark Zuckerberg recently got the opportunity to express his thoughts on the future of social media, and the very first point he made is that there will be a lot more people on the internet. “India alone will double its user base by 2018,” with more than 525 million connected people.


Wearable Technology

One new trend that hasn’t quite hit the market yet, but certainly will in the next ten years, is wearable technology. Sure we’ve all seen the Google Glass and other virtual reality headsets, but that is just the beginning. In 2014, Facebook dropped a cool $2 billion on a virtual reality headset company. Considering predictions that the average consumer will own eight wearable devices by 2020, you can bet that social media will soon be joining the wearable technology game. It is now just a matter of when.


Communication through Video and Images

There is no denying that video is all but taking over social media marketing at the present moment. Text is on the decline, and pictures are ever more popular. Social media video marketing is reaching more people. Live streaming is the newest trend, and people are loving it. Visuals and video will be such a huge part of the future of social media marketing, we’ve even created a blog further highlighting this important marketing strategy.  


Social Buy Buttons

Remember when people were hesitant to purchase products online? That fear has long since subsided. The same hesitancy people may have with purchasing products through social media will also soon disappear. Purchasing products through social media will be the norm in ten years. Companies using social media marketing will start to pay a lot more attention to the social buy buttons for conversion and ROI.


Organic Reach on Decline

We’ve already seen this trend over the past five years - it is getting harder for companies to reach their customers through social media organically. Facebook and other popular social media platforms have sophisticated algorithms that work to provide their users with the most relevant content at the top of their news feed, leaving company profiles in the dust unless they pay up. These days, a “like” is no longer enough to guarantee your content will make it to the top of your audience news feed. As time goes on, this lack of organic reach will only become more evident and social media platforms will start becoming “pay to play” platforms for organizations using social media marketing.


There is no denying that social media isn’t going away in the next ten years. In fact, with more people joining the internet every day, there will be more people conversing on social media than ever before. As social media grows, so too are the companies behind the platforms. Facebook and other social media platforms are looking towards the future, and let’s just say the future of social media marketing is looking good. If you are considering starting social media marketing for your business, now is the best time to start working with a social media marketing agency. Then, as social media trends change over time, your business will always be ahead of the curve.


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