Social Media Myth Busted: Social Media is Separate From the Rest of Your Marketing

June 12, 2017

Social media marketing is often branded as a separate marketing strategy from the rest of the more traditional marketing efforts. It’s true that social media marketing requires a special set of skills and understanding of social platforms. And while marketing companies exist that focus solely on social media, that still doesn't mean it's best to keep social media marketing separated from the rest of the marketing pack. Here are a few reasons why.


3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Should be Used with Other Marketing Efforts

Social media marketing is most effective when used with other marketing strategies

The thought of keeping social media marketing separate is silly because it works best when used with other marketing efforts. Social media is most effective when strategically used with marketing efforts like SEO, branding, email marketing and more. It works best when it makes sense with the rest of your marketing and branding strategies.

Traditional marketing strategies are more effective when used with social media marketing

Just like social media marketing works best when used with other marketing efforts, those marketing efforts work best when used with social media. It's a win-win, all you have to do is learn how to combine social media marketing with your other marketing to see the best results. For example, your next fundraising event or product special will get more attention when strategically shared on social media.

Social media marketing is a cost effective marketing strategy


Social media marketing is so cost-effective, combining it with other marketing efforts will be an inexpensive add-on, especially when you think about how expensive other marketing efforts can get. Imagine spending a few thousand dollars on getting a billboard up but not spending a few extra minutes creating your online billboard for free! While it's true that the most effective social media marketing happens in a pay-to-play setting, you definitely won't need to spend a few thousand dollars on social media to start seeing a return on investment.


The best lesson to learn from this blog is that all your marketing efforts should work together to be most effective. If you are keeping any marketing efforts separate from the rest, you are doing it wrong. To do it right, consider hiring a social media marketing company that knows how to make social media marketing work with the rest of your business marketing efforts. Contact The Refined Agency for a social media agency with expertise in social media and event marketing and a refined touch your brand will love.


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